SIMCA®-online is a real-time monitoring solutions that helps you to stay on top of your production.

SIMCA®-online allows you to monitor your process in real-time not only for the individual process parameters, but also for their correlation pattern. It also gives you a clear picture on where to start investigating alarms down to the root-cause of the problem before causing any serious damages to the production. This gives you the possibility to act earlier on faults in the process instead of reacting to things that have already occurred. With improved process understanding and ensured product quality, you’ll be able to improve your yield and throughput so that your products reach the market faster and at a reduced costs.

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SIMCA®-online can be used both for batch and continues processes. You get an easy-to-grasp visual overview of your whole process including the correlation patterns by comparing current production with a reference model created in SIMCA®. This leads to earlier detections of deviations from normal operation as well as increased process understanding and improved confidence in the process performance.

Instead of waiting for the laboratory to measure the result of the production, the system can instantly estimate these final quality attributes by including the raw material information as well as the production parameters when estimating the result.

To know how the process will evolve, when the process will be done, or what the quality of the process will be before the production is finalized, the Forecast system of the Control Advisor in SIMCA®-online is used. This system enables predictive monitoring that will give operators more time to take action in time.

The second part of the Control Advisor adds an optimizer to predefined controllable parameters to enable open or closed loop control those parameters.

With a clear view of critical parameters in your manufacturing processes and early warning of deviations, you can ensure that your complex manufacturing processes perform according to specifications, time after time. With this level of control, you can minimize the risk of batch discards, maximize resource efficiency, minimize operational costs, and save money.


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