Single round Housing T-Type

Sartorius Stedim Biotech Sanitary Single Round Filter Housings are specifically designed for liquid filtration applications of the Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry. Application: bioreactors, CIP skids, autoclaves, lyophilizers and process tanks.

Item No.: 

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Liquid filter housings from Sartorius meet the highest requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The most sophisticated manufacturing standards guarantee outstanding quality in workmanship and operating reliability. All pressurized filter housings comply with the European Council Pressure Equipment Directive PED 2014/68/EU. GMP-compliant design and FDA/USP Class VI approved gasket materials are additional quality features of our housings. Meticulously machined surface finishes ensure the highest operating reliability in terms of sterility and cleanability. Customer-specific documents are available for every filter housing. On request, we will customize the design of our housings to meet your specific application needs.


Accessories Information

  • Adapter
    25 (double O-Ring | bayonet, Code 7)  

Compliance Information

  • CFR Compliance
    All gasket materials comply with the FDA regulations 21 CFR 17.2600 and USP Class VI  

Connections (Physical)

  • Body Closure
    Sanitary Tri Clamp  
  • Closure System
    2-piece Tri clamp connection acc. to DIN 32676 with screws and nuts  
  • Vent Port Connection
    TC 50.5 - OD 1.5" & TC 25 - OD 0.5"  


  • Cartridge Height
    250 mm  

General Specifications

  • Surface Finish
    Ra < 0.4 µm internal (Electropolished sufaces), Ra < 1.2 µm external (Electropolished sufaces)  

Materials of Construction

  • Housing Material
    316L stainless steel  
  • Material o-ring | seal
  • Sealing Material
  • Seals
    EPDM (FDA, Code 21 CFR 17.2600 / USPcIVI)  

Operating Conditions

  • Maximum Allowable Working Temperature
    150 °C (302 °F)  
  • Maximum Operating Pressure
    10 bar (145 psi)  

Product Information

  • Filter Housing Type
    Single Round T-Type  
  • Type
    Liquid Filter Housing  
  • Removable Filter Housing Heaters
    Item no.

    Sartorius Stedim removable housing heaters are used in onjunction with sterile vent and process filter housings and are ideally suited for processes such as:

    • Bioprocessing and Pharmaceutical Process Fluids
    • Fermentation
    • Product Recovery
    • Water for Injection
    • Filtration and Purification Processes
    • Skidded Systems
    • Tanks and Vessels

  • Sartopure® PP2
    Item no.

    The Sartopure® filter family is optimized for the clarification and retention by utilizing multiple layers of progressively finer pleated polypropylene or adsorptive glass fleece material. The turbidity reduction results in optimal protection of all downstream material like chromatographic columns or membrane filters.

  • Sartoguard
    Item no.

    All members of the Sartoguard family utilize a highly asymmetric polyether sulfone (PES) membrane double layer for unmatched protection of final filters and bioburden reduction with an LRV of 6 per cm². In addition, combinations with different depth filter materials and gamma sterilizable versions are available.

  • Sartopore® 2
    Item no.

    Sartopore® 2 is the industry standard of high-performance polyethersulfone (PES) liquid filters. A broad variety of different pore size combinations ensures highly economic and safe filtration performance. From single-layer high flow solutions to specific Mycoplasma retentive filters, Sartopore®2 perfectly adapts to your specific process needs.

  • Sartopore® Platinum
    Item no.

    Sartopore® Platinum is the high performance polyethersulfone (PES) filter platform from Sartorius Stedim Biotech. The innovative surface modification of the membrane leads to excellent wettability. Therefore, this filter family is perfectly suited for modern single-use applications, making processes highly economic, user friendly and safe. Using Sartopore® Platinum you will benefit from this cutting-edge membrane technology. For challenging processes, such as fill & finish, we offer a special filter type with an increased Bubble Point: Sartopore® Platinum HB.