SoloHill® Bag FACT III APC 100g

The Microcarrier Delivery System (MDS) products comprise microcarriers delivered ready-to-use in single-use format. Microcarriers and single-use bag are delivered pre-sterilized by Gamma irradiation, allowing direct seeding into bioreactors. No preparation steps needed. Customized formats available to order up to 8 Kg per bag.

Fast Attachment Collagen-Treated (FACT III) microcarriers are fabricated from cross-linked polystyrene cores, coated with Type 1 porcine collagen (gelatin) and positively charged to improve attachment kinetics and growth performance of adherent cell types. Microcarrier lots are manufactured and qualified under an ISO9001 quality management system.

Item No.: 

*Custom/bulk order quotes are provided within 72 hours of request.

Fact III microcarriers are offered in both non-sterile and sterile ready-to-use formats to serve both research and manufacturing requirements. The solid core of FACT III microcarriers facilitates efficient cell detachment from microcarriers at harvest and promotes high cell viability while maintaining cell critical quality attributes during expansion processes.


  • Size Range (µm)
    125 - 212 µm  

Materials of Construction

  • Protein Coated (yes/no)

Physicochemical Information

  • Area/gram (cm²/g)
    360 cm²/g  
  • Relative Density
    1.022 - 1.030  
  • Surface Charge (yes/no)

Product Information

  • Brand
  • Generation
    Fact III  


  • Purity