SoloHill Bag Hillex® II ACF 100g

The Microcarrier Delivery System (MDS) products comprise microcarriers delivered ready-to-use in single-use format. Microcarriers and single-use bag are delivered pre-sterilized by Gamma irradiation, allowing direct seeding into bioreactors. No preparation steps needed. Customized formats available to order up to 8 Kg per bag.

Hillex II microcarriers are fabricated from modified polystyrene cores and are charged with cationic amine surface modification to promote fast cell attachment. The non-protein coated surface of Hillex II microcarriers enables their use in protein-free and chemically defined cell culture applications. Microcarrier lots are manufactured and qualified under an ISO9001 quality management system.

Item No.: 

*Custom/bulk order quotes are provided within 72 hours of request.

Hillex II microcarriers are offered in both non-sterile and sterile ready-to-use formats to serve both research and manufacturing requirements. Hillex II microcarriers are near mono-sized, providing a narrow size distribution range of microcarriers. The slightly dense core of Hillex II promotes a faster microcarrier sedimentation rate during cell and microcarrier separation processes.


  • Size Range (µm)
    150 - 210 µm  

Materials of Construction

  • Protein Coated (yes/no)

Physicochemical Information

  • Area/gram (cm²/g)
    515 cm²/g  
  • Relative Density
    1.080 - 1.150  
  • Surface Charge (yes/no)

Product Information

  • Brand
  • Generation
    Hillex II  


  • Purity