Virotag® INVA Reagent Kit, 100 Assays

The Virotag® INVA reagent specifically detects Influenza A seasonal flu virus (human influenza virus A of H1 and H3 serotypes). This reagent is used to quantify seasonal influenza A viruses rapidly and precisely using the Virus Counter® Platform. This reagent kit allows for staining and measurement of 100 samples.

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The Virotag® reagent family utilizes a fluorescently labeled, high-affinity antibody which binds to a unique viral epitope. Quantification of viruses using Virotag® is very specific and precise. The reagent is ready-to-use in a simple, no-wash labeling protocol for virus samples. After 30 min incubation, the stained samples can be quantified on the Virus Counter platform.Reagent kits contain all staining reagents and solutions needed to measure the indicated number of samples.


  • Application
    Virus Quantification  

Biological Information

  • Species
    Influenza A Viruses (H1 and H3 subtype)  

General Specifications

  • Detection Method

Product Information

  • Brand
    Virotag® AB  
  • Pack Size
    100 assays per kit  
  • What you receive
    2 vials Virotag® INVA reagent, 6 vials Inter-Sample Wash (ISW), 6 vials Cleanliness Verification Fluid (CVF), 6 vials Performance Verification Solution (PVS), 3 vials Startup/Shutdown Rinse, 3 vials Daily System Wash (DSW), 2 bottles Sample Dilution Buffer (SDB), 1 bottle Wash fluid, 1 bottle Sheath Fluid, 100 vials and caps, Product Insert