Fast and easy IEX purification from 0.4 mL samples by Sartobind® membrane adsorbers

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Vivapure® Mini features Sartobind® membrane adsorber technology as the chromatography matrix, for fast, spin column based ion exchange purifications. The units are ready-to-use and cannot run dry, ensuring reproduceability while eliminating the risk of bed cracking. For many protein purification applications, the rapid bind-wash-elute process can replace time-consuming column chromatography. With a 0.4 mL sample capacity and choice of three anion or cation exchange ligands, Vivapure® Mini is particularly well suited to screening in cell line development workflows and scouting experiments.

  • Purification as simple as filtration
  • Process multiple samples simultaneously
  • Quaternary ammonium (Q), diethylamine (D) or sulfonic acid (S) chemistries
  • Binding capacities of up to 4 mg per unit


  • Application
    Centrifugal Filtration  
  • Intended Use
    Research Use Only (RUO)  


  • Membrane Area
    7.48 cm²  

Physicochemical Information

  • Bed Volume
    240 µl  
  • Binding Capacity
    4 mg  
  • Ligand
    Quaternary ammonium  

Product Information

  • Brand
  • Pack Size


  • Sample Volume
    24 × 0.5 mL  

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