4Cell® Nutri-T GMP Media

Xeno-free, serum-free media for cultivating lymphocytes, including human PBMCs, T cells, CAR-Ts, and TILs, offer superior performance and flexibility.

  • Reliable: Better fold expansion and biological functionality as demonstrated in clinical conditions.
  • Safe and Regulatory Friendly: manufactured in accordance with applicable cGMP guidelines and ISO 13485. Xeno-free formulation. No need for serum. DMF available.
  • Reduces Complexity: A complete solution for CAR-T, TILs, and PBMCs. No need to add serum.
  • Cost-Effective: Eliminates the expense of serum purchase and storage.

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  • 4Cell® Nutri-T GMP
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  • 4Cell® Nutri-T is a xeno-free, serum-free media specifically designed for the culture and expansion of lymphocytes to advance the field of cell-based immunotherapy. Nutri-T is optimized for TILs, CAR-T cells, and other mononuclear immune cells, including PBMCs. Industry-leading performance and flexibility, without the addition of serum. Exceptional performance with cells starting at low initial seeding concentrations. Exhibits demonstrable superior results for fold expansion and cell viabilty in TILs, CAR-T, and PBMCs.

    4Cell® Nutri-T Media is manufactured under ISO 13485 and 9001 QMS and in compliance with cGMP guidelines to ensure the consistency and reliability that are essential to the success of your work. All Nutri-T media are produced in accordance with superior quality standards and extensive QC testing.


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    A serum-free medium eliminates the influence of unknown ingredients, supports clinical applications, greatly reduces adventitious health risks, and decreases lo-to-lot variability.