Biosafe® Aseptic Transfer Port

The Biosafe® range of Aseptic Transfer Ports offers reliable and easy-to-use solutions for the secure transfer of components and fluids. Biosafe® Aseptic Transfer Ports also effectively maintain the integrity of critical areas, including isolators, RABS and cleanrooms.

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The Biosafe® range of aseptic transfer ports offers reliable and easy-to-use solutions for the secure transfer of components and fluids while maintaining the integrity of the critical area (e.g., isolators, RABS and cleanrooms). Two types of Biosafe® Ports are available: Biosafe® Monolever Port and Biosafe® Biosteam® S Port (for stoppers).

Biosafe® Ports are used with the range of Biosafe® Aseptic Transfer Bags and the Biosafe® RAFT System (Rapid Aseptic Fluid Transfer).

Enhanced Sterility Assurance in Aseptic Processing

  • Offers a contained and single-use technology for reliable aseptic transfer.
  • Limits the number and complexity of personnel interventions in the aseptic processing area.
  • Offers a completely closed aseptic process.

Reliable Processing of Potent Drugs

  • Maintains the barrier integrity of RABS and isolators and security of operators


  • The magnet on the port allows easy centering and secure docking of the Biosafe® 110 bottle-shaped bags.

Process Reliability and Maximum Robustness

  • Mechanical interlock securities prevent door opening when a Biosafe® 110 bottle-shaped bag is not connected or from disconnecting a bag if the Biosafe® 110 port is not closed.
  • The Biosafe® 110 bottle-shaped bags feature an over molding of the Biosafe® film onto the connector flange, ensuring high robustness of the resulting final product.

Flexible Portfolio

  • The range of Biosafe® 110 systems is designed to best fit a variety of applications while ensuring a high level of containment.
  • Biosafe® is a unique magnetic technology for the aseptic transfer of components and fluids.

Simplified Maintenance and Sterilization

  • When connected to the Biosafe® 110 port, the dummy service connector facilitates the sterilization of the critical area, the inner side of the Biosafe® 110 port and maintenance operations.

Proven Containment

  • Biosafe® 110 ports and connectors are leak tested during production.

Practical and Economical Benefits

  • The Biosafe® 110 bags eliminate cleaning and sterilization required for traditional transfer containers.
  • The RAFT System simplifies facility layout and reduces higher classification cleanroom area by keeping large volume support solutions outside the cleanroom.


  • Application Area
    Final Filling  
  • Process Step
    • Drug Product Formulation  
    • Drug Product Final Filling  
    • Drug Substance Purification  
    • Cell Harvest & Downstream Processing Intermediates  

Connections (Physical)

  • Port Diameter
    110 mm  

Product Information

  • Brand
Biosafe® Aseptic Transfer Single-Use Bag
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Biosafe® 110 bags offer reliable and easy-to-use solutions for the secure transfer of components and materials while maintaining the integrity of critical areas. while preserving isolator, RABS, and cleanroom integrity.

The bags, used in conjunction with the Biosafe® 110 port, are available in a variety of versions to meet your specific needs.

Biosafe® Ports Accessories, Options & Support
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Accessories, Options & Support for Biosafe® Ports