Blue Trisacryl® M is an affinity resin that is used for the purification of enzymes, interferons, and some coagulation factors, as well as for the removal of albumin. The resin uses a Trisacryl base matrix which carries the blue dye ligand.

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Blue Trisacryl® M dye-affinity chromatography resin is used for the purification of a wide variety of enzymes and proteins such as kinases, interferons, and some coagulation factors. It is also used for albumin purification, or albumin depletion in samples for proteomics research.

Blue Trisacryl M resin is based on Trisacryl, a macroporous non ionic synthetic polymer on which blue dye is covalently immobilized. The blue dye interacts biospecifically with some proteins due to its structural similarity with nucleotide cofactors (ADP, NADP). Other proteins like albumin or interferon bind by a combination of hydrophobic, electrostatic and pi-pi interactions.

Features and Benefits

- Unique multi-modal interaction mechanism
- Low ligand leakage
- Multiple applications from laboratory to production scale


- Enzymes which need NAD as cofactor (kinases, dehydrogenases, phosphatases)
- Other enzymes (sulfatases, RNA polymerases, mono-oxygenases, oxidoreductases)
- Albumin from plasma
- Transferin from plasma
- α1-acid glycoprotein, α-fetoprotein, α1-proteinase inhibitor
- Serine proteases
- Interferons
- DNA antibodies
- Recombinant vaccines purification processes

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    Blue Trisacryl® M