Cell Dissociation Solutions

Trypsin and cell dissociation solutions are widely used for removing adherent cells from a culture surface.

Sartorius offers Recombinant Trypsin Solutions which are animal component-free, defined cell dissociation enzymes that replace porcine trypsin and avoid animal-related variability and contamination. Recombinant Trypsin Solutions are ideal for dissociating attachment-dependent cells in both serum-containing and serum-free conditions and can be directly substituted for trypsin without protocol changes. These solutions are also optimized for sensitive cell types, a critical characteristic in preventing harsh effects for downstream processing.

  • Less harmful — protect your cells from contaminants
  • Easy to handle — stable at room temperature
  • Defined, animal-free — switch from animal-derived products

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Reliable trypsin for all cell types

Sartorius's recombinant trypsin is available with or without EDTA and is designed to gently dissociate cells from almost any support substrates.

Sartorius also offers an effective serum-free, xeno-free alternative to inactivating trypsin, plasmin, and plasma kallikrein for the crucial protection of cells from long-term exposure to trypsin.