Celsius® FFT|FFTp Accessory

Optional accessories available for use with Celsius® FFT|FFTp with Safecore™ Technology include:

  • A sample bag cover to place and attach a sample bag to the main container so that it remains with it throughout its lifecycle
  • A label placard offering a dedicated labelling space for the Celsius® FFT.

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  • Sample Bag Cover Celsius® FFT|FFTp 12L
    Item no.
    Working Volume
    12 L
  • Sample Bag Cover Celsius® FFT 2L
    Item no.
    Working Volume
    2 L
  • Label Placard Celsius® FFT
    Item no.
    Working Volume
    2 L - 12 L
  • Label Placard Celsius® FFTp
    Item no.
    Working Volume
    2 L - 12 L
  • Sample Bag Cover Celsius® FFT 4L - 6L
    Item no.
    Working Volume
    4 L - 6 L
  • With its innovative bag-in-plate design, the Safecore™ Technology provides exceptional protection to Celsius® FFT|FFTp in a proven design format that is scalable from small to large-size single-use containers. Celsius® FFT|FFTp, along with its purpose-designed shippers (Celsius® FFT|FFTp Box and Celsius® FFT Bulk Shipper), offers enhanced process capabilities to create a versatile approach to product protection in conventional manufacturing.

    Safecore™, bag-in-plate (cassette) design

    • Plates protect the bag and lines by adding impact resistance, suppressing wrinkles and restricting degrees of freedom
    • Excellent bag-to-plate contact provides high robustness and more uniform freeze/thaw, plates compress the bag to reduce ice bulging formation
    • Container assembly is tool-free and intuitive for minimum risk during production assembly

    Maximum Robustness down to -80°C

    • Materials selection based on characterization of physical and thermal properties across wide temperature range to ensure suitable use for the intended application
    • Handling and shipping qualifications built on deep understanding of mechanical stresses occurring during lifecycle for reliable performance in real-world environments
    • Storage and shipping operations down to -80°C, multiple freeze-thaw cycles, shipping qualification according to ASTM D4169 at Assurance Level 1 method

    Simplified Operation

    • Plates are transparent with bag chamber fully visible for product inspection
    • Configurable with various connector/disconnector technologies, easy wipe down
    • Sample bag compartment to store/ship sample bag, label adhered to the shell for full product traceability, label placard for end-user labelling

    Bulk Processing

    • Bulk Shipper minimizes storage and shipping density and reduces associated risks during handling with multiple frozen containers per pallet
    • Compatible for truck and ocean transportation in refrigerated environment as is, compatible with any type of thermal insulated shipper for air transportation
    • 2 shipping solutions: Box and Bulk Shippers, qualified according to stringent regulations for shipping containers

    Celsius® FFT|FFTp with Safecore™ Technology provides single-use freeze & thaw solutions for every process step when frozen storage and frozen shipment are required. Celsius® FFT|FFTp with Safecore™ Technology are configured with the features needed to decouple downstream process steps and securely transport drug substances to drug product sites.

    Celsius® FFT|FFTp with Safecore™ Technology is qualified against extensive biological, chemical, physical, extractable and functional testing.

    Our assurance of supply and quality for Celsius® FFT with Safecore™ Technology is based on the fact that we retain complete control over our manufacturing process for the resins, the film, the bags, the filters and the assemblies. Other fluid-contact components are secured by strategic partnerships, long term contracts and quality agreements and are available off-the-shelf to provide excellent delivery reliability.Celsius® FFT|FFTp with Safecore™ Technology is available in a variety of connections to allow fluid transfer across the entire drug manufacturing process.

    Inlet and outlet connectors

    • Opta® SFT Male enables sterile connections to other single-use systems
    • MPC quick couplers are used for either sanitary connection or aseptic connection under ISO5 laminar air flow to single-use systems


    • Clear C-Flex® tubing allows for sterile weld connection with Biowelder® TC and sterile seal disconnection with Biosealer® TC

    All fluid-contact components of Celsius® FFT|FFTp with Safecore™ Technology are secured by supply contracts and quality agreements to provide:

    • Exceptional quality, change control and business continuity
    • Exceptional delivery reliability with available stocks
    • Compliance to quality standards such as USP <87> and USP <88>, TSE-BSE, REACH


    • Application Area
      Frozen storage & shipping  
    • Process Step
      • Process intermediates freezing and thawing  
      • Bulk drug substance freezing and thawing  

    Product Information

    • Brand
      • Celsius® FFT with Safecore™ Technology  
      • Celsius® FFTp with Safecore™ Technology  
  • Celsius® FFT|FFTp Bags with Safecore™ Technology
    Item no.

    Celsius® FFT|FFTp with Safecore™ Technology is a single-use sterile and pre-assembled container with an innovative bag-in-plate design (cassette) for exceptional protection during frozen storage and shipping of biopharmaceutical products.

  • Celsius® FFTp freezer
    Item no.

    The Celsius® FFTp freezer is a horizontal plate freezer which allows for controlled and adjustable freezing of biological products in Celsius® FFTp with Safecore™ Technology containers.