Flexsafe® RM 2L optical SC (5 pcs)

The Flexsafe® RM single-use bioreactor bags (sizes from 2 L to 200 L) fit to the Biostat® RM bioreactors. The product is based on rocking motion mixing technology which is ideal for cell cultivation with low shear stress.

Optical bags feature integrated single use opto-chemical pH and DO sensors, which are already pre-calibrated. Used together with the Biostat® RM control tower, they allow high end cultivation with full process automation.Bags up to 50 L size are also available with screw caps (38 mm diameter). The screw cap can be used for the insertion | removal of larger objects inside a laminar flow cabinet, e.g. microcarriers

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  • Integrates single-use pH and DO sensors.
  • Excellent cell growth and robustness.
  • Integrated BioPAT® Viamass sensor for viable biomass measurement.
  • Customized bag designs possible.
  • /
  • Delivered gamma-irradiated and ready to use.

The optical bag is mainly used for an advanced applications. It can also be scaled up to our Biostat STR® single-use stirred tank bioreactor equipped with Flexsafe STR® bags. Flexsafe® RM bags are proven for a broad range of different cell lines incl. CHO, NS0, SF9, E.coli and mesenchymal stem cells. They are available in six different sizes supporting working volumes from 200 mL up to 100 L. Standard designs are available from stock.


  • Application
    • Mammalian cell culture  
    • Insect cell culture  
    • Microbial Fermentation  
    • Low molecular weight binding  
    • Shear-stress-sensitive cells such as stem cells  
  • Application Area
    Preclinical and clinical studies  

Compliance Information

  • Biocompatibility (USP Class VI)
    • USP Class VI and | or ISO10993 conformity  
    • USP<85>  
    • USP<87> | ISO10993-5  
    • USP<88>  
    • USP<788>  


  • Gas Filters
    HEPA rated hydrophobic filter  

Connections (Physical)

  • Connectors
    • Female | Male Luer  
    • Female | Male MPC  
    • Clave® connector  


  • Device/Instrument Compatibility
    • Biostat® RM 20 | 50 L  
    • Biostat® RM TX  
  • Sensors
    • Optical DO  
    • Optical pH  

General Specifications

  • pH Range
    pH 6.0 – 8.0  

Materials of Construction

  • Film Material

Operating Conditions

  • Operating Conditions - Temperature
    16 – 40°C (specified by the hardware)  

Physicochemical Information

  • Pressure Range
    Operation pressure: 6 mbar [g] - 30 mbar [g]  

Product Information

  • Brand
    Flexsafe® RM  

Usage Protocols

  • Gamma Irradiation
    ≥25 kGy  


  • Working Volume
    0.2 – 1L  
  • Biostat® RM
    Item no.

    The Biostat® RM is a GMP compliant, wave-mixing bioreactor. It is paired with single-use Flexsafe® RM bags and is proven for a broad range of different cell lines incl. CHO, NS0, Sf9, E. coli, stem cells, and CAR-T cells. Especially, customers working with shear-stress-sensitive cell lines and bioconjugates acknowledge benefits of the rocking motion technology.

    The modular concept of the Biostat® RM portfolio, ranging from 2 L to unique 200 L, provides flexibility to manage your individual process needs. Biostat® RM saves space, reduces costs, and increases yields. In addition, Biobrain® - the commercial manufacturing-ready automation platform shared between Biostat® RM and Biostat STR® - enables a seamless transfer from product development to manufacturing scale. This makes the Biostat® RM an integral part of the intensified seed train