Incucyte® Spheroid Analysis Software Module

Top Features of the Incucyte® Spheroid Analysis Software Module

  • Analyze growth, viability and invasion of single spheroids in round-bottom, multi-well formats or measure multiple spheroids in flat-bottom plates to detect changes in growth and viability
  • Lab-tested protocols for Single- or Multi-Spheroid Assays, high quality images, and unbiased analysis deliver robust data suitable for pharmacological analysis.
  • Perform robust, reproducible pharmacological analysis in physiologically relevant conditions

Popular Applications for the Incucyte® Spheroid Analysis Software Module

  • Spheroid Growth, Spheroid Invasion

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The Incucyte® Spheroid Analysis Software Module enables kinetic acquisition and objective assessment of spheroids within a physiologically relevant environment.

The integration of optimized protocols and Incucyte® software enables you to standardize your entire spheroid workflow, from generation, manipulation, and analysis, using imaged-based, label-free or fluorescence measurements.

Characterize and assess spheroid growth or invasion and morphology during cultures and probe the effects of treatments through unbiased assessment of size, count and morphology.

Incucyte® purpose built software automatically monitors and quantifies changes in two different assays models, depending on your scientific question:

Scaffold-free grown in round-bottom ULA plates

  • Single spheroids tumor models to evaluate growth, shrinkage and death in 96- and 384-well formats
  • Single spheroid invasion tumor model to quantitate invasive growth and shrinkage in a 96-well format*

Learn more about Incucyte® Spheroid Assays

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Scaffold-based grown in flat bottom plates

  • Multi- spheroids (MS) grown on a layer of Matrigel® or embedded in Matrigel® on a base (label-free) to quantify tumor spheroid formation, growth and health in a 96-well format*.
  • Fluorescence image acquisition only available using the MS on a Layer of Matrigel® model.

Learn more about Incucyte® Multi-Spheroid Assays

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*Not available for the Incucyte® Zoom or FLR Live-Cell Analysis Systems


  • Application
    • Spheroid Growth Assay
    • Spheroid Invasion Assay


  • Device/Instrument Compatibility
    • S3
    • SX1
    • SX5

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