iQue Forecyt® Software, an integrated, interactive assay development, implementation, analysis, and visual environment included with every iQue.

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iQue Forecyt® Software provides all standard flow cytometry analysis tools and offers plate-level annotation and data visualization tools not found in traditional flow-based programs. iQue Forecyt® Software significantly shortens your time from sample acquisition to the generation of decision-making insights.

iQue Forecyt® Software Configuration Options:

  • Standard Edition - Direct instrument connection included with every iQue® used for acquisition through to data interpretation
  • Offline Edition – An analysis powerhouse that can be taken anywhere with no network connection required
  • Enterprise Edition – Simultaneously sync iQue® data from multiple instruments to multiple users safely and seamlessly across a network

Enhance iQue® capabilities:

  • Robotic Automation Integration API License to enable continuous plate loading
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance enabling module for all electronic record keeping needs
  • Signal reduction channel control permitting better visualization of samples at the upper limit of detection

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