Ksep®50 single-use Centrifuge System

The Ksep® 50 system minimizes shear forces via counterflow centrifugation, that achieves high cell viability and recovery. Its automated, single-use design reduces manual intervention and contamination risk, ensuring high-quality cell products.

The Ksep® 50 system facilitates seamless scale-up from process development to commercial manufacturing.

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Your Ultimate Cell Processing Solution! Revolutionize your cell concentration, washing, and harvesting processes with Ksep® 50. Engineered for optimal cell viability and recovery, this innovative system highlights minimal shear forces and superior results. From initial process development (0.1 L) to GMP production (20 L), Ksep® 50 offers seamless scalability in one comprehensive package.

Experience efficiency and excellence with Ksep® 50 today!

  • Closed Processing: Single-use, Class VI product contact surfaces ensure safety & purity
  • Comprehensive Processing Solution: Capture, concentrate, wash, manipulate, and harvest, all in one solution.
  • Optimal Cell Recovery and Viability: Achieve High cell recovery, viability ensured, irrespective of densities, for top-quality output.
  • Enhanced Purity: Eliminate debris and light particulate impurities, minimize aggregation, and enhance product purity.
  • Versatile Usage: Enjoy flexibility with options to choose between manual and automated processing to suit your needs and preferences for optimization and manufacturing.
  • Data Traceability: Batch processing records and data logs ensure full traceability throughout the entire process.
  • Seamless Scalability: Seamlessly scale up operations for consistent efficiency from development to production.


  • Application
    • Cell Culture (Vaccine)
    • Cell Therapy
    • Cell Culture (recombinant proteins, mAbs)

Connections (Data)

  • Data Transfer
    • USB
    • J45-Ethernet
    • OPC Expert

Connections (Physical)

  • Connections
    1/4″ × 1/8″ C-Flex


  • Dimensions WxDxH
    176 x 72 x 82 cm

General Specifications

  • Cell Capacity per Cycle
    (CHO) Up to 10 Billion
  • Flow Rate
    48 L/hr
  • Maximum Gravitational Force
    2,000 g

Materials of Construction

  • Connector Material
    C-Flex® 374 (TPE)

Power Requirements

  • Power Requirements
    200 - 240 V 1Ph; 16A

Product Information

  • Brand


  • Volume
    50 mL (2 x 25 mL)
  • Working Volume
    0.1 - 20 L
  • Ksep50  single-use set CWH/ HC

    Ksep®50 Sinlge-Use Set (Harvest Clarification / Concentration-Wash-Harvest) contains both the chamber set and the tubing set.

  • Ksep® 50 Bag Holder 0.5L / 1L
    Item no.

    Ksep® 50 Bag Holder is a stainless steel attachment part for the Ksep®50 System. The holder can be easily mounted on the device and equipped with Flexsafe® 2D Bags (0.5 - 1 L).