Octoplus® Final Filling Assembly

Octoplus FF® technology is a SU system replacing the traditional stainless steel surge tank containing the drug product in the filling area. With one single bag design, Octoplus FF® covers most of the fill & finish processes, from small scale up to large scale and high-speed applications.

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Octoplus FF® accommodates to Production Scale and Drug Product Specificities

The large design space of the Octoplus FF® makes it adaptable to multiple filling line designs:

  • From clinical to commercial scale with 2 to 10 lines assembled to the bag
  • From small to large volume final containers with different tubing and needle diameters from 0,8 mm to > 7 mm
  • Component database (tubing, needle) to adapt to various filling lines

The bag chamber has vent filters to allow the system to breathe during filling:

  • It is compatible with high-speed repartition with no risk to stress the bag
  • With this option, the Octoplus FF® can be used for filling oxygen-sensitive products by using these vent filters for nitrogen neutralization.

Octoplus FF® Simplifies and Secures Drug Product final filling

The Octoplus FF® together with our Biosafe® system provides a robust validated platform for final fill:

  • Produces consistent and repeatable filling accuracy from 0.5 mL to 500 mL
  • Maximizes product recovery and ease draining thanks to its optimized bag design
  • Accommodates to production scale and drug product specificities, facilitating scale up from clinical to commercial
  • Fast tracks validation work with highly characterized materials
  • Provides a complete aseptic processing platform in combination with Biosafe®

Octoplus FF® simplifies the setup, reduces turnaround time and provides a fast and accurate filling process for both clinical and commercial productions


  • Application Area
    Final filling  
  • Process Step
    Drug Product Final Filling  

Compliance Information

  • Lot Release Testing

Connections (Physical)

  • Connectors
    • Opta® SFT Connector  
    • KPC  
    • Tri-clamp  
    • MPC  
  • Line LeakTest
    100% Leak tested in line  
  • Port Diameter
    110 mm if RAFT configuration  


  • Dimensions
    495 mm × 530 mm (wallet shape)  
  • Tube Length
    Upon request  


  • Integrity Tested
    Upon Request  
  • Number of Lines
    2 - 10  

General Specifications

  • Maximum Recovery Rate
    99.5 %  
  • Tubing
    • Silicone (Tuflux® SIL)  
    • Silicone (Accusil™)  
    • Silicone (Liveo® Pharma Advanced Pump Tubing)  
    • TPE (Tuflux® TPE)  
    • Other platinum-cured silicone available upon request  

Materials of Construction

  • Film Material
    Film S40: Polyethylene (PE)  
  • Tubing Material
    • Synthetic Thermoplastic Elastomer  
    • Platinum-Cured Silicone  

Product Information

  • Brand
    Octoplus FF®  
  • Filling Accuracy
    40% better than with Manifold type design  


  • Delivery Condition


  • Volume Range
    8 L  
  • Biosafe® Aseptic Transfer Port
    Item no.

    The Biosafe® range of Aseptic Transfer Ports offers reliable and easy-to-use solutions for the secure transfer of components and fluids. Biosafe® Aseptic Transfer Ports also effectively maintain the integrity of critical areas, including isolators, RABS and cleanrooms.