Quickseal® Collar Assembly (refer to Specifications tab for pack size)

Quickseal® is an intuitive, simple-to-use and reliable aseptic disconnect and closure in one.

Quickseal® securely seals and disconnects tubing after sampling or inoculation, media and buffer feeds, product transfer or any critical fluid-handling process.

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The principle behind the simple and robust Quickseal® is easy to understand: The cutting action deforms the aluminum collar, squeezing the tube and compressing the tubing walls together to create an aseptic seal. Sealing time is less than 4 seconds.


  • Quickseal® can be installed onto platinum-cured silicone or thermoplastic elastomer tubing including C-Flex®
  • Available for a broad tubing size range from outer diameters 1/4″ (6.4mm) to 1-1/8″ (29mm)
  • Easily integrated on to tubing manifolds, bag, and bottle systems

Quick and Easy

  • Simply cut the metal collar with our hand-held Quickseal® tools
  • Aseptically disconnect any available tube size in less than 4 seconds
  • Completely portable - requires no utilities

Robust and Secure

  • Validated microbial barrier. Cut collar passes microbial ingress testing by container closure
  • Closure integrity verified at ambient temperatures and after freeze & thaw cycle to -100° Celsius
  • Burst testing proves pressure resistance of cut collar exceed burst pressure of tubing

Valuable Features

  • Aseptic seal in seconds
  • Simple and intuitive
  • Platinum-cured silicone, TPE tubing, and more
  • Seal on dry or fluid-filled tubing
  • No utilities required; completely portable
  • Reliable, laboratory-validated aseptic seal
  • Unambiguous result; a cut collar is an aseptic seal
  • No spare or replacement parts required


  • Application Area
  • Process Step
    • Media Preparation  
    • Buffer Preparation  
    • Drug Substance Purification  
    • Drug Product Formulation  
    • Cell Harvest & Downstream Processing Intermediates  

Product Information

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  • Delivery Condition
  • Sterilization Method
    • Autoclavable  
    • Gamma Irradiatable