Scalable Flexel® 3D bags are designed for processing and storing small volume biopharmaceuticals fluids. Scalable Flexel® bags are available in sizes from 5L to 50L.

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Scalable Flexel® 3D Bioprocessing Bags are designed for processing and storing small volume biopharmaceutical solutions. With a volume range of 5L to 50L, they are routinely used in bioresearch and process development. These bags are manufactured with stringent quality standards for applications requiring exceptional levels of robustness, reliability, and security.

Scaling-up operations to larger volumes (up to 3,000 L) is straightforward when using Scalable Flexel® 3D Bags, as they are manufactured with the same S40 film, 3D bag, and port technologies as the large volume Flexel® 3D Bags. They are available with an extensive range of accessories for a rapid and functional deployment of a complete single use liquid handling and storage solution in your process.

  • Multiple manufacturing sites: reliable assurance of supply
  • All connections extensively qualified: secure and robust
  • Full compliance with ISO11137: adheres to stringent sterility requirements
  • Standard design: majority of designs available from stock
  • Various bag sizes: flexibility to meet a wide variety of bioprocessing needs
  • Designed to fit standard tray and Palletank®: Space-saving containment systems
  • Scalable S40 Film: process scalability from 5L to 3000L with the same product contact materials


  • Application Area
    Liquid storage & shipping  

Materials of Construction

  • Film Material
    Film S40: Polyethylene (PE)  

Product Information

  • Bag Type
    2D storage & shipping bag  
  • Brand


  • Delivery Condition