Secura® Precision Balance with Internal Adjustment, 100 mg

The Secura® Precision Balance combines exceptional ergonomics, intuitive design and ultra-precise weight measurements suitable for the most demanding laboratory research in regulated and controlled environments.

Top Features of the Secura® Precision Balance

  • Touch-screen menu for quick and easy navigation
  • An ergonomic, detachable draft shield for easy cleaning and balancing
  • 24/7 balance monitoring and an advanced internal adjustment system that maintains leveling
  • Temperature and time-controlled calibration to ensure accuracy and precision
  • Secure and convenient compatibility with a variety of laboratory devices
  • A host of integrated applications for advanced measurements and easy data storage and transfer

Popular Applications for the Secura® Precision Balance

  • Determining weight, density, peak hold, percentage and unstable conditions in a variety of laboratory samples

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Advanced Level Monitoring and Security

Secura® Precision Balances comes with a host of advanced features to ensure the most accurate and precise results possible. Secura® Precision Balances are equipped with an advanced internal monitoring system that automatically calibrates your balance according to your password-protected menu settings. This automatic calibration and adjustment system monitors and reacts to temperature changes, eliminating result errors and saving time. Secura® Precision Balance’s security features also include fully compliant data transfer capabilities, and the SQmin function ensures reliable USP compliance. Choose from three levels of security options to customize the Secura® Precision Balance to the needs of your laboratory or research center.

Built-In Applications Provide Unmatched Versatility

Secura® Precision Balances ship with a series of integrated applications that significantly expand the potential of your Secura® Balance from day one. Included applications allow researchers to carry out advanced weight measurements of mixtures, measure the density of both liquid and solid samples, make complex multi-step conversions and create calibration and weight statistical measurement reports.

Exceptional Ergonomics and Intuitive Control

Secura® Precision Balances arrive with an easy-to-navigate SmartTouch user display for easy menu navigation and application selection right out of the box. The One-Touch draft shield is designed to minimize ambient effects on measurements while protecting the integrity of your samples.


  • Application
  • Application Area
    • Production
    • QC/QA
    • Pharma
    • Chemical Industry
    • Automotive
  • Industry
    • Pharma / Biotech
    • General Lab
    • Governmental lab
    • Academic
    • Automotive
    • Pharmacies
    • Chemical
  • Special Laboratory Applications
    • Mixing
    • Components
    • Statistics
    • Conversion
  • Standard Laboratory Applications
    • Weighing
    • Density
    • Percentage
    • Check Weighing
    • Peak Hold
    • Counting
    • Unstable Conditions
    • Animal Weighing


  • Calibration History

Compliance Information

  • GLP/GMP Compliant Printout
  • Legal Verification
  • Regulatory Requirements
    • GLP
    • GMP

Connections (Data)

  • Data Interface
    Mini USB
  • Data Transfer
    • Direct transfer to Windows® applications
    • Programmable interval for data output
    • Data transfer protocols SBI - table format - text format

Connections (Physical)

  • Connectivity
    • PC-direct data transfer
    • Plug & Play to Sartorius printer


  • Dimensions WxDxH
    218 × 360 × 94 mm
  • Weighing Chamber Height
  • Weighing Pan Diameter
    ⌀ 180 mm


  • Adjustment
    Internal automatic (isoCAL)
  • Anti-Theft Locking Device
    Kensington Lock, lockdown capability for cable or chain
  • Display
    Colored Touchscreen
  • Housing Protection
    Acetone cleanable housing, Glass parts of the draft shield are coated to reduce electrostatic influences, In-use cover, Dust cover for balances with draft shield
  • Languages
    English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean
  • Leveling
    Real-Time Level Support
  • Password Protection
  • Repeatability
    50 mg
  • SQmin Function
  • Safety Level
    Configurable in three levels
  • Sample Identifier
  • Scale Interval
    100 mg
  • Tamper Protection
    Password protection
  • Typical Stabilization Time
    ≤1 s
  • Underfloor Weighing

General Specifications

  • Chemical Resistance
  • Draft Shield
  • Linearity
    100 mg
  • Minimal Sample Weight according to USP and PhEur (optimal)
    82 g
  • Weighing Units
    g, ct, mom, kg, lb, oz, ozt, tlh, tls, tlt, GN, dwt, mg, parts | lb, tlc, Kt, tol, bat, MS, N

Operating Conditions

  • Maximum Weighing Capacity
    3,100 g

Power Requirements

  • Line Voltage
    100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz

Product Information

  • Balance Type
    Precision balance
  • Brand
Data Cable mini USB,RS232 25-pin

Data Cable mini USB,RS232 25-pin

Balance Table
Item no.

Balance table made of wood with cast-stone inset for precise, reliable weight measurements

Analytic balance windshield 10mg balance

Lab Balance Accessories

Lab Balance Data Cable
Item no.

Data cable (RS232 interface) for connection of a Secura, Quintix or Practum to computer, printer (YDP20-0C#) or second display (YRD03Z-). To prevent any damage to the surface of weights, Sartorius offers you a wide range of accessories for the proper handling, storage and cleaning of weights.

Thermo Transfer and Thermo Direct Printer for GLP Printing

Thermo transfer and thermo direct printer for GxP printing on standard paper and self-adhesive labels

Natural Stone Balance Table

Balance table made of natural stone, with vibration dampeners.

LCD Remote Display
Item no.

Additional display for standard lab balances

Density Determination Kit for Lab Balances

Density Determination Kits available with 0.1|1mg or 10 mg readabilities and can be used with the following balances:

  • Secura®
  • Quintix®
  • Practum®
  • Entris® II
  • CPA

Sartorius Stat-Pen
Item no.

Sartorius Stat - Pen, unit to neutralize static electricity on samples or objects to be weighed down to a level of -30V,Pen with a micro switch to aktivate the function, main 100V to 230V -0.1W, 50/60Hz.

Glass Draft Shield for mg-Balances

Glass Round Draft Shield

Lab Balance Data Cable
Item no.

Data cable (RS232 interface) for connection of a Secura, Quintix or Practum to computer, printer (YDP20-0C#) or second display (YRD03Z-). To prevent any damage to the surface of weights, Sartorius offers you a wide range of accessories for the proper handling, storage and cleaning of weights.

Ionizing Blower
Item no.

Ionizing blower for eliminating electrostatic charges on sample containers and samples

Standard Laboratory Printer

Sartorius Standard Laboratory Printer generates relaiable printouts on paper and on continuous adhesive labels using direct thermal technology.

External Battery Pack
Item no.

External, rechargeable battery pack

Item no.