TakeOne® Flex Aseptic Sampling System Device Body

TakeOne® sampling solutions were designed to meet the sampling requirements of today’s varied manufacturing approaches. They can be used to obtain samples from stainless steel reactors and vessels or single-use systems and assemblies, providing cost-effective and technically robust solutions for all microbiological and routine process monitoring assays. An array of bags, bottles and tubes are designed to preserve the aseptic integrity of the source from which the sample is taken.

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Aseptic sampling is a principal component of an effective microbial control program. Samples collected with TakeOne® solutions are used to measure critical purity attributes, such as bioburden and endotoxin levels, as well as important process parameters, such as metabolites, nutrients, osmolality, pH and more. TakeOne® aseptic sampling solutions have been designed to integrate seamlessly with stainless steel processes. Plan for Adaptability with TakeOne® Flex. An ideal solution that allows you to react quickly on demand, while meeting all of your varied sampling needs. Decoupled devices (for 1.5" & 2" Sanitary Fitting and 25mm Ingold®) and containers ease handling of complex equipment while allowing for process variability up until a sample is taken at the point of use. Simply select and connect the collection container of choice at the moment the sample is required.

Plan for Adaptability with TakeOne® Flex Sampling Solutions

Avoid overwhelming your inventory management program. Maintain just a few SKU’s (stock keeping units) and create tens or hundreds of different sampling solutions for all of your Multi-use Stainless steel equipment and systems.

TakeOne® Flex has a vast array of different single-use sampling options to use with this device:

  • Bags
  • Bottles
  • Centrifuge tubes
  • Multi-use sampling valves
  • Manifolds of containers


  • Application Area
    Aseptic sampling
  • Process Step
    • Cell Harvest & Downstream Processing Intermediates
    • Drug Substance Purification
    • Drug Product Formulation
    • Buffer Preparation
    • Media Preparation

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    TakeOne® Flex


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