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Ancillary and raw materials are used to support the therapeutic manufacturing process. Careful selection of ancillaries and raw materials drives process quality, supports scalability, and eases regulatory compliance. Recombumin® Prime has multiple applications in cell therapies, gene therapies, viral-based therapies, vaccines, medical devices and diagnostics.

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    The Recombumin® product portfolio consists of commercially available, high-quality, animal and human-origin-free recombinant human albumins. Our recombinant human albumins are multi-functional excipients, ancillaries and raw materials, that offer stabilizing properties that have been validated through long-established use in multiple marketed life science products.
    Our high purity, safe, and consistent Recombumin® recombinant human albumins support an array of life science applications, including advanced therapies, at every stage of their journey from research and development to in-human application.

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