Celsius® FFT|FFTp Box Shippers are robust, qualified solutions which enable the reliable shipment of frozen Celsius® FFT|FFTp to remote locations. These single-use shippers, refrigerated by dry-ice pellets, significantly simplify the biopharmaceuticals supply chain through one-way logistics.

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There are dedicated Shippers for each Celsius® FFT|FFTp size: one-unit and four-unit shippers are available for 2 to 6L containers, and a one-unit version is available for the 12L container.

The Celsius® FFT|FFTp Box Shipper has been qualified according to stringent regulations for shipping containers: ASTM-D4169 at Assurance Level 1 for mechanical performance and ISTA 7D extreme profiles for thermal performance. Together, these qualifications conducted by independent laboratories ensure the reliability and integrity of your high-value biopharmaceutical product during frozen shipment.

Maximum and minimum configurations (i.e., the number of bags in a shipper and the number of shippers in a pallet) as well as maximum and minimum fill volumes were tested for each of the shipper sizes against both mechanical and thermal criteria. All configurations tested against the ISTA 7D extreme summer profile passed the requirements for the shipper to provide adequate insulation and refrigeration to maintain the Celsius® FFT|FFTp below –40°C for at least 96 hours. This qualification against such an extreme temperature profile serves to demonstrate how well the shippers will perform in actual shipping lane thermal conditions. While we know actual shipping lane thermal tests must still be conducted, the pre-qualification of the Celsius® FFT|FFTp Box Shipper provides you with strong confidence that our product will match your requirements.


  • Application Area
    Frozen storage & shipping  
  • Process Step
    • Process intermediates freezing and thawing  
    • Bulk drug substance freezing and thawing  

Product Information

  • Brand
    • Celsius® FFTp with Safecore™ Technology  
    • Celsius® FFT with Safecore™ Technology  
Celsius® FFT|FFTp Bags with Safecore™ Technology
Item no.

Celsius® FFT|FFTp with Safecore™ Technology is a single-use sterile and pre-assembled container with an innovative bag-in-plate design (cassette) for exceptional protection during frozen storage and shipping of biopharmaceutical products.

Celsius® FFT|FFTp Accessory
Item no.

Optional accessories available for use with Celsius® FFT|FFTp with Safecore™ Technology include:

  • A sample bag cover to place and attach a sample bag to the main container so that it remains with it throughout its lifecycle
  • A label placard offering a dedicated labelling space for the Celsius® FFT.