Minisart® With Glass Fibre Prefilter

Minisart® syringe filters with glass fibre (GF) prefilter are optimized for particle-laden liquids. The GF prefilter protects the membrane filter from early clogging and increases total throughput. Minisart® with GF prefilter are available in two different setups. One with MBS (Methacrylate butadiene styrene) housing is designed for aqueous and oily solutions. The second version with PP (polypropylene) housing has a broad chemical compatibility with harsh solvents and is the perfect choice for ultrapure sample preparation.

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GF prefilters are nonuniform depth filters with a high loading capacity. They are not suitable for 100% particle exclosure related to a specific size. Only membrane filters as uniform surface filters can securely retain particles bigger than the nominal pore size. Minisart® syringe filters with GF prefilter are available with SFCA (surfactant-free cellulose acetate) or NY (nylon=polyamide) membranes. SFCA is available in three different pore sizes and in combination with a MBS housing optimized for aqueous and oily liquids. NY is available in two different pore sizes. Combined with a PP housing and a pure quartz GF prefilter this setup is optimized for sample preparation of even harsh solutions.

  • GF prefilter for higher throughput

  • Quartz GF for ultrapure cleaning

  • GF-only versions available

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