Picus® 2 Electronic Pipettes

The Picus® 2 pipettes ensure reliable and repeatable pipetting results with unbeatable ergonomic design that is kind to your hand. Picus® 2 is the tool of choice for everybody from a student to experienced laboratory professional. It is as intuitive to use as a mechanical pipette and yet offers a broad range of options even for the most advanced users.

Picus® 2 saves you time in the lab with a wide selection of pipetting modes and customizable programs for every need. The most frequently used modes with specified settings can be saved on your device for quick and easy access whereas safety features like password protection and calibration reminders will enhance your compliance. By connecting Picus® 2 to your mobile device, you can use Sartorius pipetting mobile app to smoothly run sample preparation workflows and adjust the pipette setting automatically taking your productivity to the next level.

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Choose Picus® 2 to upgrade your pipetting game!

Picus® 2 is available in single-channel models, covering a volume range of 0.2 to 10,000 µL and in multi-channel models from 0.2 µl to 1,200 µL.

Picus® 2 main features

  • Fully electronic pipetting, soft-touch operating buttons, and electronic tip ejection
  • Minimized muscle strain due to its uniquely light weight
  • Speed up work with extensive range of pipetting modes
  • Achieve reliable and repeatable results, regardless of the operator
  • Conformity features, like password protection and service reminders
  • App-guided sample preparation simplifies workflows

Sartorius Pipetting app

A must-have for all Picus® 2 pipette users, the Sartorius pipetting app is your handy companion for sample preparation workflows and pipette management. To stay up to date, use the Pipetting app to update your Picus® 2 pipettes with the latest features. Whether you are a seasoned scientist or a novice in the field, this app offers accuracy and reproducibility for your liquid handling workflows.

The app features an ever-growing database of configurable protocols that can be adapted according to your specific application. The app provides step-by-step guidance for various workflows, and when used with Picus® 2 pipettes, it automatically selects the correct settings. Complete your workflow using Picus® 2 pipettes, other electronic pipettes, or any mechanical pipette, and export the logfile for your records.

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