Sartobind® Rapid A is provided as ready-to-use devices which will be fully utilized within a single batch and afterwards disposed:

  • >150 g/L*h productivity
  • >30 g/L DBC 10% at 12 sec RT
  • Average cycle times of only 10-15 min

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Sartobind® mAb pack
Item no.
Bed Volume
1.2 mL, 1 mL, 3 mL
Luer female
Membrane Adsorber Format
Sartobind® Rapid A 96-well plate
Item no.
Bed Volume
17 µL/well
Membrane Adsorber Format
96-Well Plates

Sartobind® Rapid A makes disposable “plug and play” a reality. A unique one-batch, one-membrane approach reduces bioburden risk and lowers CoGs compared to resin-based processes. Rapid cycling translates to >10 times higher productivity and linear scalability from PD to commercial scale.

  • Eliminate the Burden of Column Handling and Consumable Reuse
  • Reduce the High Cost of Bulk Resin
  • Accelerate Speed to Clinic
  • Adopt a Fully Proven Scalable Solution From PD to Commercial Scale
  • Cut Risk of Bioburden
  • Increase Productivity

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    Sartobind® Rapid A