Sterile Flexel® Tank Liner for Drum with side bottom drain - 30 L

Flexel® 3D tank liners are open, single-use bags designed to fit into plastic cylindrical drums. They are available in a range of 30 L to 1,000 L and with or without a side bottom drain. Flexel® 3D tank liners can be supplied in a choice of sterile, pyrogen-free versions or non-sterile versions. Typical applications are preparation and storage of buffers and media and open-tank mixing.

To ensure security of supply, the following pre-designed standard products can be delivered with Liveo™ Pharma 50 silicone tubing or Tuflux® SIL from our partner Raumedic. Traceability of the tubing supplier will be documented in each batch record and provided with the products as an appendix of the certificate of release. As a reminder the final use of the product shall be covered by the end user process qualification. To discover more about our multi-sourcing policy, check the assurance of quality supply page.

Item No.: 

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Flexel® 3D single-use tank liners are open single-use bags designed to fit in cylindrical plastic drums.

Flexel® 3D single-use tank liners are available in sizes ranging from 30 L to 1,000 L.

Standard Flexel® 3D single-use tank liners are available in a variety of different configurations according to the following characteristics:

  • With a side bottom drain
  • Without a side bottom drain
  • Sterile
  • Non-Sterile
  • Pyrogen free
  • Stand-alone bags with TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) tubing
  • Stand-alone bags without TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) tubing


  • Multiple manufacturing sites: High security of supply
  • All connections extensively qualified: Reliable and robust
  • Full compliance with ISO11137: Stringent sterility assurance level
  • Standard design: Most designs available from stock
  • Various bag volumes: High flexibility


  • Application Area
    Liquid storage & shipping  
  • Process Step
    • Media Preparation  
    • Buffer Preparation  

Connections (Physical)

  • Outlet Line
    1.5" Tri-Clamp sanitary flange + 1/2" ID TPE (C-Flex®) 1.5 m (60")  


  • Number of Lines

General Specifications

  • Tubing
    TPE (C-Flex®)  

Materials of Construction

  • Film Material
    Film S30: Polyethylene (PE)  

Product Information

  • Bag Type
    3D storage bag for tank liner  
  • Brand
  • Filter Type
    No Filter  
  • Pack Size


  • Delivery Condition


  • Volume
    30 L  
  • Drum for Storage
    Item no.

    Palletank® and drums for storage are containers designed for the reliable and robust storage of biopharmaceutical fluids (e.g., high-value drug substances contained in Flexsafe® 3D Bags). They are available in volumes of 50 L, 100 L, 200 L, 500 L, 1000 L, 1500 L, 2000 L, 2500 L and 3000 L.