Unisart® CN 110 Backed Nitrocellulose Membrane, 1 roll per pack

Unisart® CN membranes are polyester-backed nitrocellulose membranes. They are the product of choice when high protein binding capacity, reliable capillary speed, and defect-free surface quality is needed.

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Unisart® CN 110 is the thinnest lateral flow membrane in our portfolio. It has a total thickness of 185 - 215 µm and perfectly fits into tight lateral flow cassettes. It consists of a thin microporous nitrocellulose membrane on a 100 µm clear polyester backing.

Unisart® CN 110 is the membrane of choice when fast

  • time-to-signal and

  • background clearance

is needed.

This membrane is perfectly suited for assays using plant extract or viscous solutions.

Unisart® diagnostic membranes have been designed to be the best substrate for rapid antigen tests.

All backed Unisart® membranes perfectly fit diagnostic manufacturer production needs from thousand strips on manual cards to million strips on reel-to-reel equipment.

Their white, even and smooth surface is free of macroscopic defects and foreign matters allowing a consistent dispensing of sharp capture and control lines.


  • Market


  • Membrane Roll Length
    100 m  
  • Membrane Roll Width
    20 mm  
  • Membrane Thickness
    185 - 215 µm  


  • Max Splices

Materials of Construction

  • Backing
    100 µm clear Polyester  
  • Membrane Material

Physicochemical Information

  • Capillary Speed
    90–130 s/40 mm  
  • Wettability

Product Information

  • Brand
  • Membrane Type
    CN 110  
  • Pack Size
    1 roll