Unisart® Diagnostic Membranes

The Unisart® diagnostic membranes portfolio offers a broad range of cellulose nitrate membranes for lateral flow assay development. Various membrane types with different characteristics give you the opportunity to find the appropriate membrane for your application.

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The different Unisart® membrane types CN 95, CN 110, CN 140 and CN 180 DX are characterized by a specific range of capillary speed.

The capillary speed describes the time a liquid needs to migrate along a defined distance. It is very critical for lateral flow strip functionality as it affects sensitivity, specificity and response time.

The Unisart® CN 95 is the fastest membrane in our portfolio with short response time whereas Unisart® CN 180 DX gives longest response time with highest sensitivity.

According to the application, reagents and manufacturing conditions the Unisart® CN 110 and CN 140 membranes provide a different optimum for speed, specificity and sensitivity.

The main features of our Unisart® diagnostic membranes are:

  • Excellent performance
  • Wide range of applications
  • High protein binding capacity
  • High inter- and intra-lot consistency
  • Complete traceability

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