Flexsafe® Bags for Pro Mixer

Flexsafe® Pro Mixer Predesigned Solutions have a proven history of process optimization in a variety of applications.

The ergonomic design of the Flexsafe® Pro Mixer (50L - 3000L) offers rapid bag installation, expedites the mixing run and facilitates bag handling during the entire mixing process.

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Flexsafe® Pro Mixer Bags (50L to 3000L) offer ease of handling through thoughtful, ergonomic design:

  • The Flexsafe® Pro Mixer Bag (50L to 1000L) contains a central magnetic impeller assembly. Its unique sided K-weld design simplifies installation and facilitates the unfolding and folding of the bag during filling and draining operations. The 8” diameter top port allows for easy and contained powder transfer into the mixing bag during buffer and media applications.
  • The Flexsafe® Pro Mixer Bag (1,500L to 3000L) contains an off-center magnetic impeller assembly and a 4” top port for powder transfer. Its bottom and top K-welds, combined with the Palletank lifting system, facilitates bag installation as well as filling and emptying operations.
  • The positioning of the tubing lines and sensors allow for easy installation and direct access during filling, sampling, and draining.

The Pro Mixer Bag featuring the Flexsafe® film provides:

  • consistent process validation data with sustainable, reproducible, and reliable data for Extractable and Leachable (E&L), toxicology and stability studies
  • Cost-efficient process validation
  • Robustness, consistent quality and assurance of supply.

Inline control as well as the monitoring of pH, conductivity, and temperature are performed with a preassembled single-use pH probe, a conductivity sensor, and a thermowell. Inline sensors meet PAT and cGMP requirements, eliminate the risk of contamination associated with reusable probes, and reduce operator time.


  • Application Area

Materials of Construction

  • Film Material
    Film S80: Polyethylene (PE)

Product Information

  • Brand
    • Flexsafe® 3D
    • Pro Mixer
  • Mixing Technology
    Pro Mixer


  • Delivery Condition
  • Accessories for Mixing Palletank® and Drive Units
    Item no.

    The Accessories for Mixing Palletank® and Drive Units are specifically crafted to enhance the mixing process for Palletank®. These accessories empower users to fully leverage the potential of Palletank® during the mixing operations.

  • Pro Mixer Drive unit
    Item no.

    The Pro Mixer drive unit levitates and rotates the single-use magnetic impeller in the mixing bag with no surface contact.

    The Pro Mixer drive unit features automated control of the mixing parameters, offers a user-friendly touchscreen interface and can manage multiple Palletank® for Mixing units.

  • Palletank® for Mixing
    Item no.

    The Palletank® for Mixing is a stainless steel container designed to fit perfectly with the Flexsafe® Pro Mixer bag and drive unit.

    Its ergonomic design and accessories allow users to easily handle the product with simple manipulations.