Ksep® Consumable Kits

Concentration-Wash-Harvest and Harvest Clarification Consumable Kits for cell harvest and cell clarification with Ksep®50, Ksep®400 or Ksep®6000S centrifugation system.

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  • Ksep® 400 Concentration-Wash-Harvest Reduced Volume Consumable Kit (Cell Harvest)
  • Ksep® 400.50 Concentration-Wash-Harvest Reduced Volume Consumable Kit
    Item no.
    Working Volume
    0.5 – 5 L
  • Ksep® 400 Harvest Clarification Consumable Kit (Cell Clarification)
    Item no.
    Working Volume
    0.5 – 200 L
  • Ksep® 6000S Harvest Clarification consumable kit  (Cell Clarification)
    Item no.
    Working Volume
    201 – 2,500 L
  • Ksep® 6000S Concentration-Wash-Harvest consumable kit (Cell Harvest)
    Item no.
    Working Volume
    201 – 2,500 L
  • Ksep® 400 Concentration-Wash-Harvest Consumable Kit (Cell Harvest)
    Item no.
    Working Volume
    21 – 200 L
  • Patented Ksep® systems technology is the only current technology that provides significant advantages for users that want to either harvest cells as product or discard cells as by-product during manufacturing.


    Smart Bioprocessing

    • Integrates and | or reduces processing steps and time
    • Improves recoveries of both solids and liquids
    • Provides option to selectively remove small particulate impurities, e.g. plastic generated, cell debris
    • Built-in scalability (4 – 6 fold) for development and manufacturing using the same system
    • Automated with option to run in complete manual mode
    • No hardware change for different applications
    • Handles low to high cell density cultures (>150 million cells/mL) equally well

    Advanced Cell Handling

    • Imparts low shear on cells and keeps the cells intact
    • Maintains a healthy environment to sustain cell viability
    • Complete supernatant product recovery from slurry without dilution
    • Reduces intracellular protein contamination for harvest applications by keeping the cells intact

    Ensures cGMP Manufacturing

    • Closed system with single-use class VI product contact surfaces
    • Simple, robust, and scalable
    • One software for all systems
    • Clog-free and continuous operation


    • Harvest | Clarification
    • Cell Therapy
    • Vaccine Manufacturing
    • Blood Processing
    • Learn more at www.sartorius.com/ksep-systems

    Product Information

    • Brand
  • Ksep® Systems
    Item no.

    Advanced, scalable, single-use automated centrifugation systems

    Sartorius Ksep® systems provide robust, single-use bioprocessing solutions in the areas of recombinant therapeutics, cell therapy, vaccine manufacturing, and blood processing.

    As per your process requirements, our fully-automated systems are optimized to recover supernatant or solids (cells | particles) in a continuous manner.

    Ksep® systems solve the problems of traditional centrifugation and filtration based technologies by handling very high cell densities while providing high recoveries and product quality.